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What are a few of your favorite things?


being home home, night sky, the smell of rain, hearing Otis Redding’s voice     on my record player, sarvangasana. 

Naturally, one has to be in a hurry; always running. People are not even resting in their sleep; in their sleep also they are on the go, in their sleep also they are traveling, to faraway lands. Even in their sleep they are not in their rooms, they are not where they are — they are always somewhere else


Show me your imperfections.

Show me your temper. Show me your frustration. Show me your impatience. Show me your insecurities. Show me your vulnerability. Show me your hurt. Show me your struggle. Show me your nervousness. Show me your vanity. Show me your fragility. Show me your lack of confidence. Show me your fears. Show me your lust. Show me your anger. Show me your harshness.

Show me what they will never see. See in me what they can never be.

Show me that you trust me.

2:20am convinced that it was shining for me.

2:20am convinced that it was shining for me.

my tumblr is 3 years old today!

morning of 11/1/94

morning of 11/1/94

What is an emotion?
An emotion is energy. Unconscious or conscious, they can all be transformed through understanding. To illustrate this; Love can turn into hate, vice versa. 
Why do we fear this energy? Why we want to dispose them? Why have we been misguided into believing the notion that we can completely rid ourselves of emotion when in actuality the emotions that we have fooled ourselves into thinking have been magically disposed into thin air are simply driven deeper within the unconscious. Ironically the denial of emotion is an emotion itself, and this is the emotion that you are feeling, fear. I assure you that this way of living isn’t really living. It is not healthy. Once upon a time I manufactured myself as a soul, a being without any emotion. Key word: Manufactured. This person wasn’t real. I rejected a part of me because but at the time this person fit with the ideal me I had created for myself. I was a phony!

You either identify with your mind or you fight it. You can indulge, or you can create an anti-attitude, avoiding any sort of transformation in the mind. Why fight yourself, take revenge upon yourself, yield to yourself, and in the end be defeated by yourself? 

The only way any human knows how to deal with emotion is by repression or expression. 
With repression, we are never at ease. Once we repress energy (emotion) we become incapable of expressing anything else either because everything is connected inside. There are no watertight compartments between each emotion inside of us. When we choose to repress, every other emotion/energy will be false. It will be of less quality, and we will always be afraid of moving deeper into whatever it is we are feeling because subconsciously we know that all of what we have tried to dismiss may arise.

Accept the energy (emotion) and try to understand the mechanism behind it.  Accepting the energy makes you the source. The moment you understand your emotion is the moment you can channel it. Also know that acceptance of this emotion doesn’t mean resignation. In steps logic.

You can choose to avoid it in subtle ways—pretend that it is not there, think about something else, create a facade, justify it, but it still exists. This repression is a dead end. Get over your self-image and accept it. The energies of emotions are always there—it is a question of whether you use them of they use you. 

happy birthday to me.

happy birthday to me.

~   Amiri Baraka
~   Amiri Baraka
~   ciarra ross on patriarchal notions of masculinity (via ciciross)

rip hitch.

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